Central Spain

A trip to the interior

Ávila is the town for heritage, history, art, gastronomy, festival, mysticism, culture and nature. Ávila is the mediaeval town of the three cultures, a World Heritage Site and a town on the Jewish Quarter Network. Ávila is a contemporary town that combines modernity,
The Historic City of Toledo is listed on the Official List of the Real Heritage within the “Cultural Heritage” since 1986 for its scenic values, its immediate neighborhood, the engagement of the river, the Cigarrales, Las Vegas, the site of the city migmatitic (very old metamorphic rocks) viewpoints (The Farm, Our Lady of Grace, Santa Leocadia, San Cristobal).

Steeped in history, culture and delicious cuisine; central Spain is bustling with Unesco World Heritage listed towns and sights, mediaeval cobble stoned villages, rural vineyards and breathtaking architecture.