There is only one...



There is Only one...

The popular image of Spain as a land of bullfights, flamenco, sherry and ruined castles derives from Andalucía, the southernmost territory and the most quintessentially Spanish part of the Iberian Peninsula.
Seville’s blend of Renaissance and Moorish architecture from the Plaza de España to Alcázar Palace makes the Andalusian city look like something out of a fairytale. While you’re there, wander around the narrow alleyways of the picturesque Santa Cruz district and don’t miss a flamenco show.
Córdoba lies upstream from Seville beside a loop of the Guadalquivir, which was once navigable as far as here. Once, it was the largest city of Roman Spain, and for three centuries it formed the heart of the western Islamic empire, the great medieval caliphate of the Moors. t is from this era that the city’s major monument dates: the Mezquita, the grandest and most beautiful mosque ever constructed by the Moors in Spain.
If you can see only one town in Spain, it should be Granada. For here, extraordinarily well preserved and in a tremendous natural setting, stands the Alhambra – the most exciting, sensual and romantic of all European monuments. It was the palace fortress of the Nasrid sultans, rulers of the last Spanish Moorish kingdom, and in its construction Moorish art reached a spectacular and serene climax.
On the coast, it’s not easy to despair. It´s extending to either side of Málaga is the Costa del Sol, Europe’s most heavily developed resort area
Andalucía is also Spain at its most exuberant clichés of the Spanish south, really do exist and can be absorbed at one of the hundreds of annual fiestas, ferias and “romerías”.

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